DEKO FV Glass : Transparent 99.9% glazed folding partition

DEKO FV Glass Transparent, 99.9% glazed folding partition

The transparent, fully glazed folding partition makes it possible, for example, to divide large units into smaller ones, where there is no immediate requirement for a high level of sound reduction or fire rating. DEKO FV Glass can be installed together with solid partitions or supplement the DEKO FG fully glazed partition. The solution makes it possible to achieve an entire interior of single glazed partitions.

The glazed elements come as standard in 10 mm toughened, clear safety glass with individual module widths of up to 1,000 mm. Other types and colours of glass can be incorporated upon request. The size of a DEKO FV Glass fully glazed folding partition is customised to fit the actual opening. You decide on the number of connecting modules yourself, on the basis of your wishes and requirements, and on the size of the partition.

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